Attack of the Hypochondriac

I cannot describe how miserable I feel right now.
Going to the river yesterday might not have been such a good idea.

Luckily for me, the swelling in my arch has gone down, but I still have a nasty bruise and it’s tender to the touch. But I can walk without limping.
Less lucky for me, is that now that my body’s had a day to rest, I’m starting to discover other places I didn’t know I’d injured. Like my butt. I knew I scratched it up some, but now I’m also pretty sure I’ve got some sort of deep tissue bruise on both sides. -_-

I’m also starting to get paranoid because my body is starting to show signs of fighting off some sort of foreign invader.

I don’t know if people realize this, but the savannah river is disgusting. It’s not just disgusting, it’s fucking disgusting. I’m still amazed my friends managed to convince me to come along.

But anyways. Let’s think about this. I cut my feet several times while swimming in dirty water – what could that lead to I wonder??

Yeah so I’m doing my best not to flip out right now. I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac and I know there are a lot of diseases you can get from dirty water. We just had a girl released from the hospital who had a case of necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) which she got from – guess what?? Swimming in fresh water with an open wound.

Plus I had plans again tomorrow with my friends. I don’t want being sick to get in the way. I’m finally starting to do something with my summer.

This summer really hasn’t been going as planned. I’ve had so many health problems, I’m starting to just assume I’m allergic to Georgia.

Stupid health problems. 😭


About emilleejoyce

I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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