Ottoman Studies

I have to say today I had a bit of an internal crisis when I was afflicted with the realization that I still don’t know what I want to do.

I was flipping through some Smithsonian magazines at my doctor’s appointment today when I was struck with the sudden conviction that history may be a better major for me to pursue than comparative literature. I was also struck with the desire to learn Modern Greek.

See, I’ve been saying all along how my primary goal is to hopefully go to grad school for Ottoman Studies. And while originally I wanted to go to grad school for the Ottoman Language, I’m also very interested in the history of the Ottoman Empire as well.

The desire to learn Modern Greek is more superfluous. Greece is one of Turkey’s next door neighbors and they do have somewhat similar cultures. I want to learn Greek out of sheer entertainment.

I actually expressed a desire to learn modern Greek this past year to my now ex boyfriend. He immediately shot it down because it’s not really related to my major or academic interest. He did the same thing when I expressed my wanting to minor in creative writing. Ugh. What’s so wrong about wanting to minor in something a little frivolous?? God that was something that always annoyed me about him. He was always bugging me, trying to force me to define my interest in Turkish. It wasn’t enough for him that I was interested just because, no, there had to be some sort of all encompassing reason. Heaven forbid I take some “fun” classes in college. Heaven forbid if one of my minors doesn’t directly correlate with my major or future career interests. God. Let me figure out me on my own time.

Okay. Anyways, getting a little sidetracked. I spent some time looking over the History major requirements, and I’m not sure it’s as right for me as I thought it might be. It’s just a little too broad for my interests. Yes, history excites me and I want to learn as much history as possible about the Ottomans, but the history major at OSU doesn’t get that specific. If anything, a history minor may be better suited towards my interests. I’ll have to talk to my advisors and see what they think.

And the problem with minoring in Modern Greek, is that I’m also required to take all these culture classes and stuff. I’ll admit, I’m not really interested in doing an in depth study of Greece, I just kind of want to learn the language. So in that respect, it may just be better for me to take some language classes on my own, without making it a minor.

Like seriously, when I imagine my dream career in regards to Ottoman Studies, I imagine myself creeping through dark libraries, reading old and untranslated Ottoman texts. I imagine myself consulting with archaeologists as they dig up new stuff from the Ottoman Empire. I imagine being interviewed by the History Channel for tv programs on the Ottoman Empire. Sometimes I imagine myself being a professor teaching students about the Turkish Language and Ottoman history.

Yeah. I’m just not sure what path to take that will get me from where I am now, to that dream career I envision in my head. I’ve searched endlessly for internships related to any area close to my dream job, and I haven’t found anything yet. It’s quite frustrating.

But that’s all I got to say about that.
Tomorrow I’m going shopping (again). Hooray for potentially more new clothes!! Imma be looking so fabulous when I go back to Columbus. Haha. I just hope all the stock isn’t gone. This week is our county’s tax free weekend. The masses will be out in droves. Yay people. Not.


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I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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