F. M. L.

Today has been an exhausting day to say the least.
We got on campus around 8:30 to move me in to my dorm. After several hours of unpacking and putting together, we got most of my stuff unpacked. My parents left around 4:30.

I haven’t done this much walking all summer. I know I’ll get used to it, like I did last year, but still, my feet and legs are tired!! And tomorrow is the involvement fair, which will mean even more walking. It will probably take about a week before my body adjusts.

So first off, I’m sure you’re wondering about my roommate. She’s seems nice enough, but we havent really spent enough time together for me to asses her personality thoroughly. It’s really funny though. When you look at our closets, her side is all bright bright colors with lots of flip flops and “comfy” clothes. My side is full of dark blacks and greys with high heels, boots, and pointy toed flats. Haha. If that gives any indication of how different our personalities may be.

I really need to vent about this dorm though.
What?? You thought it would be nice because it’s new??
It is, dot get me wrong. I’m in a corner room so we get 2 windows (which is great for my plants) and everything is nice and new and clean.

But the bathrooms. Ohmyfuckinggod the bathrooms.
I’m angry about this. Part of the reason I chose this dorm was because it had semi-private bathrooms. The dorm I lived in last year had semi-private bathrooms. The dorm I lived in last year had about 6 rooms that each came equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink/mirror. I loved this setup. And stupid me for thinking because this dorm has the same “type” of bathrooms, they would be set up the same.

Nuh uh. It’s about 5 rooms each with a shower and toilet. And then 3 public sinks and mirrors. So I’m already unhappy about this. There are things I do in the bathroom which require a private mirror. I had to take my little hand held mirror into the shower closet so I could do these things without being seen.

Second thing, these bathrooms are not strictly gender separated. While I’m standing at these public sinks trying to take off my makeup and wash my face, what happens?? 4 loud guys come in to all take a piss in the “shower closets” – getting a full view of me in my awkwardness of getting ready for bed.

Now, it’s not like I’m want to impress these guys or anything. I just want some fucking privacy!! It would’ve been one thing if it had been 4 loud girls, but guys, really?? I honestly just feel kind of violated.

And another thing I noticed while hiding out in the shower closet trying to get some privacy, is there is really no where to put your stuff except the nasty dirty floor. There are 2 hooks to put your towels, but where am I supposed to put my robe?? Where am I supposed to put my stuff I don’t want to take to the shower with me?? My old dorm had plenty of places to put stuff. But not this one. Hell, my friends’ communal bathroom last year had more places to put things.

Me and my high maintenance-ness are gonna have a serious problem with this.

The one saving grace is the handicapped bathroom “pod” thing does come with a private mirror and sink and plenty of room to put things. And honestly, I don’t care how long I have to wait. I wouldn’t care if there were 50 handicapped people lined up behind me (though that’s not really true), I’m using that bathroom. I can’t use it right now because it’s fucking OUT OF ORDER. But I swear, as soon as that sign comes off – I’m first in line.

So that’s my rant for today. I’m sure I’ll have even more to vent about tomorrow after I take my shower in the shower closet.

But I’m going to try to wake up early(ish) tomorrow to help prepare myself for classes on wednesday. So I bid you all adieu. Pictures of my dorm will soon follow after I finish getting everything put together.


About emilleejoyce

I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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