A Horribly Interesting Week

So I suppose I should finally get around to posting something on here. When was the last time I posted?? I can’t even remember, but this past week has been horribly eventful.

I had originally planned to post this past Sunday, but instead my life got interrupted by a fire drill, and 20 minutes later, by an evacuation. On Sunday night, a water main burst and flooded the electrical and sub-basement of my dorm. So they had to evacuate everyone until they could get all the water out and the electrical fixed.

I will admit, Sunday night was a little scary. At first I was just annoyed by the fire drill, but when they came out and told us we had to go back, grab only the essentials, and get out, it freaked me out a little. Especially when we had to go back in the building where the siren was still screeching, and the electricity had gone out. Just imagine this, being shepherded in a large group of people up to your respective floors, the fire alarm blaring in your ears, trying to pack up the essentials of your life by iPhone light, and still get out asap. It was almost like a scene from a movie.

So I’ve been crashing at my friend’s apartment for the past week. The first night, the refugees got to sleep in our gym, but no way was I about to sleep there. I’m lucky I have friends who don’t mind my inconvenient presence.

Wednesday evening we finally got the OK to move back into the dorm, but that was if you also wanted to put up with not being to shower there, not being able to brush your teeth or drink the water in the dorm, having no heating or air conditioning, not being allowed to open the windows, and not having any hot water. I’m sorry, I’m not living under those conditions. I’m too high-maintenance for that. So I have been bumming at my friend’s apartment technically longer than I should’ve. But they all agreed those were inappropriate conditions to move back to.

Alas, my refugee status has come to an end, because I’ll be moving back tomorrow. They finally got the hot water on and the safety of the water cleared, so I will be able to shower there – which means I have no excuse to be a bum on my friend’s couch anymore.

That’s exciting, no??

And last night, Thursday night, I did something a little spontaneous – I got pierced!!

Remember how, long ago, I posted my musings about my desire for a double belly button piercing?? Well I didn’t actually get the double piercing, but I did get my belly button pierced. And because there’s a 2-for-1 special on Thursdays, and I wasn’t getting 2 belly button piercings, I got my septum pierced instead!! Ah!!

Alright, let me tell you, the internet lies. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to y’all, but I googled how much septum piercings generally hurt before I got pierced. Most people said it hurt about as much as pulling a hair from your nose. Wrong!! Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. It hurt waaaaay more than that. My eyes watered up so much I might as well have been crying. Not to mention I ran out of exhale before the piercing was even done (they tell you to take a deep breath in and then exhale and that’s when they pierce you). Yeah, that little technique didn’t do much to mitigate the pain I’d say.

My belly button hurt, though not as much as my septum. I got my belly button done first in the hopes that the adrenaline rush might dull the pain of the septum. I don’t think it worked. But the piercing certainly wasn’t “painless” as my friend who also got pierced claimed. I know people have varying levels of pain tolerance, but I don’t care. That shit hurt.

The only advantage to the pain, is that it’s literally over in a couple of seconds.

After a day of being pierced, my belly button doesn’t hurt so much. I just have to be careful how I move or otherwise I’ll get a slight twinge of pain. I accidentally hit it this morning before I was “awake awake”…that hurt. That hurt a lot.

My septum is still really sore. My nose swoll up, it feels kind of like my nose is stuffed up from a cold. And my entire septum and tip of my nose is sore. I can’t even touch them. I have to be very careful to make sure I don’t forget about the piercing and accidentally wipe my nose or something, because that would be way more pain than I am willing to deal with.

Look!! Pictures!!








So yeah, this week has been very eventful. I hung out with my ex on Wednesday, though we didn’t spend as much time together as I would have preferred. Oh well. And I have to say, I don’t think my ex likes my septum piercing. He wouldn’t give me a straight answer about whether he liked it. Oh well. I will admit that I still seek his approval, but at the same time, his lack of approval is not going to stop me from doing the things I want.

Again, oh well.

I’m quite excited I get to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in about 3 weeks. I’m not excited that I have to do my sleeping-in on a couch/recliner. What can I say?? They’re not the most comfortable sleeping places. I generally wake up multiple times throughout the night.

What else is there??
Yesterday I also talked to my professor of my translation class about grad school. I don’t remember if I talked about this in my last post (it might not have even happened yet) but I finally talked to my major advisor and she recommended I talk to my professor. So I talked to her, and I still feel pretty in the dark. They both thought it would be more advantageous for me to talk to someone in the Near Eastern Language & Culture department than the Comparative Studies department, on account of the fact that I want to go to grad school for Ottoman Studies an not Comparative Literature.

So I emailed one of the people in the department today, a lady I will have classes with in the future most likely. She hasn’t emailed me back yet, but hopefully she will be able to help give me some direction in terms of what classes I should take and how I should be preparing myself.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

This post is getting long now, and I think I may be finally running out of things to say….well…that’s impossible but, I’m running out of interesting events from the past week. And I’m tired. Being a refugee is pretty hard work. Haha.



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I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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