Foam Rolling through School

So tonight I decided to break out my foam roller before and after stretching to see if it helped any.

I don’t know if it helped my flexibility immediately, but it did make my muscles feel good. I think in the long run, the foam roller could have a positive impact on my flexibility.

Of course, that’s why I bought it in the first place. In my quest to become more flexible, I have often sought to understand the scientific side of flexibility and stretching. I came across the concept of myofascial release as a technique for increasing flexibility, and a foam roller is the best way to achieve that relaxation.

In case you’re wondering, the concept behind myofascial release is that, it’s not actually your muscles preventing your flexibility, but the fascia that surrounds the muscles. As per my understanding, the fascia is this sort of web like structure that surrounds every muscle. A lot of times, this fascia gets “knots” in it where it becomes super dense and difficult to move. These knots are the things that prevent increases in flexibility. And a foam roller is the cheapest way to “break up” these “knots” in your muscles.

I can’t actually attest to the efficacy of this technique, because I’ve never actually stuck with it long enough to see true results, but everything I’ve read about it gives it the thumbs up. At the very least, it does provide a nice deep tissue massage for your muscles, even if it ultimately doesn’t help with flexibility.

But I do think I’m making slow progress, despite my notoriously weak core and muscle imbalances. I’ve been trying to focus more on correct posture in my front bends, which means keeping a straight back. And I think having to keep a straight back is helping strengthen it, even if ever so slightly. I feel positive about what I’m doing, and I know things will get even better once school starts back up and I can go to the gym.

I’m ready for school to start already. I’m tired of break and it’s only been about a week. It’s kind of depressing to know I’m not leaving until January 5th. I just feel like I’m stagnating at home. Not really accomplishing anything or doing anything, just vegetating on the couch. I appreciate the break from schoolwork, but I’m excited for my classes next semester. I’m ready to get started!!

Oh, and finally today, my history professor uploaded grades. I made an A- in the class!! I’m super excited because that was the one class I was really worried about. I was expecting a B at best but I made an A-!! I couldn’t be happier!!

I also managed to raise my GPA .05 points, which is exciting. I started at a 3.806 and now my GPA is a 3.855 if I remember correctly. Gotta keep working hard though so I can hit the 3.9 mark. That’s my goal. And then if I’m real ambitious, I might try for a 4.0 (I don’t even know if that’s possible since I haven’t made straight A’s from the get go).

But yeah, I don’t know if this counts, but I had a goal to at least make all A’s for one semester of college. I think I technically reached that goal this semester, even though one of the A’s has a minus attached to it. I don’t know. I guess my next goal will be to get all A’s without any minuses. Haha.

But yeah, that’s my life.
I do need to start working on my research paper I’m “writing”. I was planning on working on it over break, but so far the motivation has not struck me. I blame the TV; it’s so distracting!!

That’s why I just assume not have one. I’m so much more motivated and productive when there’s no TV to zone out in front of. I didn’t have one in my dorm last year, I don’t technically have one this year (though my roommate does, ugh), and my apartment will definitely not have one next year.

Boo on the TV!!

Nighty night y’all.


About emilleejoyce

I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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