Baking Troubles & Apartment Worries

Ohmygoodness. I have spent practically all day today baking. I started after lunch, around 2:30, and didn’t get finished until approximately 6:00!! Well, I guess that’s not all day, but it sure felt like it.

I started out by making the chocolate cookies with cream cheese icing we have every year for Christmas. The responsibility usually falls on me to make them because they’re kind of labor intensive, and no one else really wants to make them. But I love them so much, I have to have them every year for Christmas!! So I make them.

They really didn’t take that long. I made, if my math is right, 65 cookies, plus a Tupperware container of cream cheese icing. They are so very delicious.

I also decided to try and make a Boston cream pie for the first time. I’d been wanting to make some sort of cake, and Boston cream pie is one of my favorites. The recipe seemed relatively easy…

Let me start out by saying that I considered my pie an abject failure. My mom however, thought it turned out perfect. So many things went wrong!! It didn’t help that this was my first time truly baking a cake all by myself, and it was a new recipe too!!

Anyways, the first and biggest problem was that the cake stuck to the pan, really really badly. I have no idea why. I greased the pans with shortening and floured them just like I’ve always seen my mom do. But for some reason they still stuck!! Ugh. The first layer broke in half when I was trying to remove it from the pan. And basically the entire top of the second layer stuck to the bottom of the pan. It was so frustrating.

And because the cake themselves were such a distraction, the cream/custard filling sat too long and got a film, which when stirred, made it all lumpy. Yuck.

And the chocolate glaze, was well, a glaze, when I was expecting more of an icing. I wanted to be able to cover the sides of my pie and the recipe only made enough for the top. I know, Boston cream pies don’t normally have chocolate on the sides, but I wanted mine to, plus I wanted to cover up the ugliness of my deformed cake layers.

I seriously wanted to cry after I was done. Mainly because of the cake layers sticking so bad. But my mom thinks it looks fine, and I think it will taste okay, which is the most important part. I just never expected it to be so frustrating!! But I suppose baking, just like life, never goes quite as planned. If this recipe tastes good and I decide to make it again, I’ll definitely have to modify it though. I want more chocolate!! And if I like the custard filling, I might use it for a lemon cake….

But yeah. That was today’s adventure. And what an adventure it was. I dirtied up so many dishes!! The kitchen was a mess after all that baking!!

Anyways. I finally managed to get a preliminary dialogue going about me renting an apartment. I went over all the apartments on my current “to-look-at” list and we talked about the things I will need to furnish it.

I’m really not sure what my parents are worried about. My mom suggested they might be over-thinking the entire situation, and I think they are. Yes, there are financial things to worry about, but they’re not that big of a deal. Especially when I plan on being the one the foot like half of the bill.

And you know, furnishing the apartment will be a little difficult and expensive, what with my parents living so far away. But I’m not that worried about that either. I already own several of the things needed for my apartment. Really the only big worry is getting a bed and all the necessary bed accessories. That will be expensive and it isn’t particularly easy to transport either. But we will figure out a way. I don’t know why my parents worry so much. Probably because they’re parents. Haha.

I feel positive everything will work out well with the apartment; well, that is everything except the apartment. There’s this one apartment building I’m hedging all my bets on and I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t get snatched up before I can look at it. I hope it lives up to all my expectations, since I haven’t actually seen it yet.

Mainly I’m just worried because I know a lot of people already have apartments, or they’ve at least started looking. I haven’t done any of that. I didn’t really see the point since my parents forbid me from signing a lease before Christmas break and the apartments I really wanted don’t start showing until January 11. Oh well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I really wish there was some sort of charm or spell to help forecast good apartment hunting, but I’m Buddhist; I’m not supposed to believe in that stuff. I don’t know. In situations like these, my pagan roots tend to surface. (I was pagan for 3 years before I converted to Buddhism). Ah, if only life were as simple as casting a spell to fix everything…if only…

But that’s all I got for tonight.
I get to wake up an hour later tomorrow because me and my mom are skipping Sunday school. Haha. We’re so naughty. But I am back playing in the orchestra. I think tomorrow should go well. And then Monday is Christmas Eve and Tuesday is Christmas. Hooray!! Something exciting to do. :P

Peace out. ✌


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I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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