Still sick.

Welp. Still sick today, but slowly starting to feel better. I’ve decided what happened was on Friday, I started coming down with a cold. Saturday I was so miserable because of allergies, being in a different place around people I only see once a year. And today I’m starting to feel better because the allergies are gone and only the cold is left to get over.

I mean, my throat still hurts and I still have occasionally nausea, but my nose has been significantly less runny today – which is a good sign. I’m hoping by tomorrow, some of this pressure in my head will have resigned and I’ll be feeling mostly normal again. Or at least normal enough that I can get off the couch.

I’ve skipped stretching twice now because I’ve felt so crappy from this sickness. Just the thought of sitting on the floor moving around sounds absolutely miserable and nauseating to me right now. I mean, it’s not all bad. It probably hasn’t hurt to give my muscles a rest, I was starting to develop some soreness in my upper hamstrings and taking a break will probably help that. I just hate sitting around doing even less than I normally do. I need to get back stretching. I need to be doing something.

Especially because, I’ve noticed tonight, my breathing feels a little labored, like I have crap in my lungs – and sitting around doing nothing won’t help that.

Today is the first day since coming home I have not had a cigarette. I figured I might as well quit for the remaining 6 days I’m home because my cigarettes I have are too old and gross tasting to risk getting caught smoking. I’m basically weened off the nicotine already so it’s really no big deal.

But yeah, I go back to Columbus on January 5. I’m so happy because I’m tired of being home. I’m ready to be around my friends and get back to school and work and all of that. I’m just so epically bored here. Only one more week at home and then I’m gone. I’m so very relieved.

But yeah. That’s all I really have to say tonight. All I did today was sleep and watch tv so I don’t really have anything interesting to report. And I feel exhausted from being sick so I’m gonna call it a night.

Good night.


About emilleejoyce

I am a yoga alliance 200 hour certified yoga teacher whose hobbies include growing cacti and succulents, cooking vegan food, and bicycling. My day job is in academic publishing.

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