Distracted Writing

Currently working on turning my old iPhone into an iPod, so sorry if this post seems a little distracted.

So today I felt the actual repercussions of the damage I did to myself last night. Last night, I was only feeling soreness in the top of my hamstrings, but this morning I woke up and basically the entire back of my legs hurt. I seriously overstretched my hamstrings. It’ll probably take several days for this soreness to go away.

And my knee is really bad. Last night, and this morning, walking sent a little needle of pain up through my knee. I wrapped it last night to keep it immobilized and tried to avoid putting any pressure on it today or bending it past 90 degrees, but it still hurts.

Tonight I did stretch a little bit. But it was very minor stretching. I was just trying to get some of this soreness out if my hamstrings. I also did some pliés/squats to help strengthen my messed up knee. I’m positive I can rehabilitate both of my injuries successfully on my own because they’re minor. It will just take time and I’ll have to be careful. Especially since I’m going back to Columbus in 3 days and I was planning to start exercising as soon as I got back.

Well today I went to JoAnn’s (the fabric store) and Kohl’s. my mom wanted to me to look at fabric for a chair and foot stool of mine that needs reupholstering. Hopefully I’ll be able to use them in my imaginary new apartment. They just need to be reupholstered first….

I also went to kohl’s to look at bras. The other night I convinced myself that I was wearing the wrong size and I wanted to go to kohl’s to try on different sizes to see if my hunch is right.

Well I still am not sure. My band size is a 34 and I really wanted to try on a 32 because I’m pretty sure that’s the part that I’m getting wrong. But guess what?? Kohl’s only has 32s in A’s and B’s. so I gave up and just shopped for my regular size. I didn’t buy anything, though I did find some that fit.

Me and my mom also re-dyed my hair tonight. It sure is a good thing we didn’t wait until the absolute minute because I have giant dye stains on my forehead that probably won’t go away for a couple of days. *rolls eyes* What can you expect when your mom is dyeing your hair?? She does a pretty good job though. We have both learned along the way of this 5-6 year journey.

I suppose today has been one of my more “exciting” days on break. I’m just ready to get back to Columbus. I definitely think of Columbus as my home now. Georgia is my hometown, you know, where I grew up, but Columbus is my home.

I never understand the saying “home is where the heart is” because I always hated living in Augusta so much, but now I understand it. My heart is in Columbus and Columbus is home. And I can’t wait to go back.


Attack of the Hypochondriac

I cannot describe how miserable I feel right now.
Going to the river yesterday might not have been such a good idea.

Luckily for me, the swelling in my arch has gone down, but I still have a nasty bruise and it’s tender to the touch. But I can walk without limping.
Less lucky for me, is that now that my body’s had a day to rest, I’m starting to discover other places I didn’t know I’d injured. Like my butt. I knew I scratched it up some, but now I’m also pretty sure I’ve got some sort of deep tissue bruise on both sides. -_-

I’m also starting to get paranoid because my body is starting to show signs of fighting off some sort of foreign invader.

I don’t know if people realize this, but the savannah river is disgusting. It’s not just disgusting, it’s fucking disgusting. I’m still amazed my friends managed to convince me to come along.

But anyways. Let’s think about this. I cut my feet several times while swimming in dirty water – what could that lead to I wonder??

Yeah so I’m doing my best not to flip out right now. I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac and I know there are a lot of diseases you can get from dirty water. We just had a girl released from the hospital who had a case of necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) which she got from – guess what?? Swimming in fresh water with an open wound.

Plus I had plans again tomorrow with my friends. I don’t want being sick to get in the way. I’m finally starting to do something with my summer.

This summer really hasn’t been going as planned. I’ve had so many health problems, I’m starting to just assume I’m allergic to Georgia.

Stupid health problems. 😭

Fun on the 4th

Wow. What a night tonight has been. Probably the best 4th of July I’ve ever had – I actually spent time with people other than my parents. How revolutionary.

I am physically hurting tonight.
I went to swim in the river for the first time tonight. I live right next to the Savannah river and apparently people go swimming in it. I’m still not sure why. My friends failed to inform me that the place we were going to was filled with rocks.

When I say filled with rocks, imagine a rapid, with those big giant rocks but over a larger distance with slow rapids. In between the big rocks are small and pebble sized rocks. Lots of rocks. And my friends failed to inform me that I needed shoes to go swimming. So I spent several hours barefoot stumbling and walking over pointy rocks – which were also quite slippery.

I broke one toenail and made it bleed, cut open another toe on the other foot and also managed to bruise my arch which is now swollen. Yay!! And those are only my feet injuries.

My friends convinced me to go down a “rock slide”. A place in the rocks where the current pulls you through. They forget to mention that it will violate your butt cheeks. I’ve got giant scratches there as well.

But now that I’m done winning your pity (an I’m fine by the way. I’m tough, I can suck it up), overall I would say I had fun. We ate fried chicken and Doritos out on a rock in the middle of the water. And after that we got a redbox and watched “Bad Teacher”.

I’d say it was a good night. And I’m glad to have finally spent some time with my friends. Its not like I haven’t been home for a month or anything.

But I feel happy right now. It’s so therapeutic to hang out with people who are just like you, then you don’t have to feel like you’re being judged all the time. plus it’s nice not to be stuck at home – especially on a holiday.

But yeah. No introspective, insightful posts tonight. Just a fun 4th of July.


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