I can’t wait to leave.

So today has been interesting.
I went to kohl’s and bought a new bra and pair of underwear. Yippee. That’s not exciting though.

Complications have arisen with my return to Columbus.

Originally, my friend was going to pick me up from the airport and let me stay at her apartment for the night. Then my ex offered both of those services, so I told my friend not to worry. Well today I found out that my ex can no longer house me for the night. So I asked my friend if it was cool if I still stayed the night…well she had already changed her plans. Now I have to coordinate between the two of them when my ex has to leave and my friend needs to be available.

Ugh. I feel like a horrible person for being so flaky and making my friend’s life so much more complicated. I know she’s not gonna hate me or anything, but I hate having to coordinate and plan and that’s what this situation has made me have to do.

I also tried to Skype with my ex tonight (his suggestion) and it was a super fail. The connection kept crapping out on us. Neither of us could hardly get a sentence in before the video feed would cut out and the connection was lost. Ugh.

It has been a slightly frustrating night.

Oh, also, my ex is in the process of quitting smoking right now. He was complaining of the fatigue he felt from it tonight. But he said, if I still smoke, he’ll probably bum cigarettes from me. I don’t know. Interesting tidbit of info I thought. I don’t think he’s really committed to quitting just yet.

I also decided to buy some new exercise clothes from amazon tonight. Let me tell you, I have never felt more guilty about a purchase than I did tonight. It’s just really hard spending my money when I know I’m supposed to be saving for my apartment.

I mean, I can rationalize it by saying that I did kind of need new workout clothes. I don’t own very many right now, and since my new year’s resolution is to go to the gym more, I need something to wear. And I’m one of those girls where, if I don’t have something cute to wear, I just won’t go. So my purchases are justifiable.

And I did budget my purchases to make sure I still had enough money to make the deposit on an apartment. I still feel bad though. My parents are freaking out so much about the cost of an apartment, it makes me feel guilty for not being like that. I’m not worried, but they seem to be, so then I get worried about the fact that I’m not worried. Ugh. So complicated.

But hopefully all the clothes fit and I like them and I won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to send them back. I generally hate buying clothes on the Internet because you can’t try them on, but the normal stores you buy exercise clothes from just don’t offer what I want.

I also bought a book of like, buddhist children’s stories. I don’t know. I only bought it because I wanted to get the free super saver shipping. We’ll just file it away under the “for the future” category, not that a children’s book wouldn’t have valuable lessons for an adult in it. I do dream about having kids one day and teaching them about Buddhism and stuff. It’s a little fantasy of mine.

Oh well.
That was my day.
Tomorrow is my last day in Augusta thank god. I’m so ready to leave and get back to Columbus. There’s a reason they call my hometown “Disgusta”. So tomorrow will devoted purely to packing and getting ready to leave on Saturday.

Sometimes I feel guilty for 1) not wanting to come home and 2) when I am home, not enjoying my time here. But it is what it is. Like I said, Columbus is home now. I don’t really have any friends left here and I hate living with my parents. We get along much better when we don’t have to share the shame living quarters. I mean, I’ve never really been homesick before. I don’t know if I ever will be. I just like being independent and not having to be accountable to someone all the time. It’s very freeing.

But that’s my post for the night. I don’t have much else to say, other than Saturday can’t come fast enough.
Nighty night.


Distracted Writing

Currently working on turning my old iPhone into an iPod, so sorry if this post seems a little distracted.

So today I felt the actual repercussions of the damage I did to myself last night. Last night, I was only feeling soreness in the top of my hamstrings, but this morning I woke up and basically the entire back of my legs hurt. I seriously overstretched my hamstrings. It’ll probably take several days for this soreness to go away.

And my knee is really bad. Last night, and this morning, walking sent a little needle of pain up through my knee. I wrapped it last night to keep it immobilized and tried to avoid putting any pressure on it today or bending it past 90 degrees, but it still hurts.

Tonight I did stretch a little bit. But it was very minor stretching. I was just trying to get some of this soreness out if my hamstrings. I also did some pliés/squats to help strengthen my messed up knee. I’m positive I can rehabilitate both of my injuries successfully on my own because they’re minor. It will just take time and I’ll have to be careful. Especially since I’m going back to Columbus in 3 days and I was planning to start exercising as soon as I got back.

Well today I went to JoAnn’s (the fabric store) and Kohl’s. my mom wanted to me to look at fabric for a chair and foot stool of mine that needs reupholstering. Hopefully I’ll be able to use them in my imaginary new apartment. They just need to be reupholstered first….

I also went to kohl’s to look at bras. The other night I convinced myself that I was wearing the wrong size and I wanted to go to kohl’s to try on different sizes to see if my hunch is right.

Well I still am not sure. My band size is a 34 and I really wanted to try on a 32 because I’m pretty sure that’s the part that I’m getting wrong. But guess what?? Kohl’s only has 32s in A’s and B’s. so I gave up and just shopped for my regular size. I didn’t buy anything, though I did find some that fit.

Me and my mom also re-dyed my hair tonight. It sure is a good thing we didn’t wait until the absolute minute because I have giant dye stains on my forehead that probably won’t go away for a couple of days. *rolls eyes* What can you expect when your mom is dyeing your hair?? She does a pretty good job though. We have both learned along the way of this 5-6 year journey.

I suppose today has been one of my more “exciting” days on break. I’m just ready to get back to Columbus. I definitely think of Columbus as my home now. Georgia is my hometown, you know, where I grew up, but Columbus is my home.

I never understand the saying “home is where the heart is” because I always hated living in Augusta so much, but now I understand it. My heart is in Columbus and Columbus is home. And I can’t wait to go back.

Busy Day

Today, after me and my mom got my car out of the shop, we went shopping for the 362617828747474th time this summer. Haha. I’ve done a lot of shopping in these 2 months.

But it was just shoe shopping. I needed some sandals to wear with the maxi dress I bought. The dress is black and white and the sandals are brown, but I think they’ll look fabulous together despite the old fashioned no mixing rule.

Tomorrow, my mom and I plan to make some cinnamon bread because we’ve got buttermilk to use up and I want to eat some before I leave for Columbus. We’ve also got to re-dye my hair.

But other than those 2 things, tomorrow is completely devoted to packing. What can I say?? I haven’t done much packing these past couple of days. Basically everything that’s left to pack is last minute stuff like toiletries and clothes.

Oh lord, that just reminded me I need to wash clothes so I can then pack them. Ugh. And I need to go ahead and paint my nails tomorrow so I can pack my nail polish and stuff.

Ugh. So much more to do tomorrow than I remembered. Maybe I better wake up a little early.

Here. Let’s make a to-do list:
1.) Wash clothes.
2.) Help bake cinnamon bread.
3.) Re-dye my hair.
4.) Paint finger & toenails.
5.) Finish DIY phone holder.
6.) Pack everything possible.

Hm. That sure seems like a lot to do tomorrow. But then again, I stay up till 0-dark thirty every night, so I’d have time to do it at night. But then again, am I really gonna want to be packing that late at night?? It might not hurt to wake up a couple minutes early.

Oh, and that #5 thing on the list, I’m making a holder for my phone I can hang on the wall next to my bed. I use my phone for my alarm clock and I also charge it at night, but since my bed will be lofted, that’s presents the problem of where do I put my phone?? So the holder I’m making solves all of those problems. When I hopefully finish it tomorrow, I’ll post the link to the tutorial I’m using as a guide so everyone can make one! Haha.

So it looks like tomorrow is gonna be a lot busier day than I thought. It’s funny how things just kind of compound on each other without you realizing it. Next thing you know, you’ve got a to-do list a mile long!

Fingers crossed I get it all done tomorrow. And I don’t forget anything. :)

Doing Something for Myself

4 days left until I leave for Columbus!!

I’ve have been thinking recently about getting my belly button pierced this upcoming school year. But instead of just a regular belly button piercing, I’d really like to get a double piercing.


That’s what they look like. I like the double piercing because it’s just a little more unique than a regular belly button piercing.

Now I don’t want y’all to think I’m being rash about this. I have been thinking about getting a belly button piercing for several years now. I’m not one to make split decisions when it comes to things like this.

The studio I’ve picked out is certified by the Association of Professional Piercers, so they use all the proper sterilization techniques. It’s also probably one of the highest rated tattoo and piercing studios in Columbus.

There are just two….inconveniences??
First off, I’ve had problems with my ear piercings. I got them pierced forever ago, but early into high school I started having problems with them so I quit wearing earrings. They closed up slightly and then I kind of, forced them open again when I decided I wanted to wear earrings again.

Basically I had horrible problems with them, and after going to the doctor, I found out my body was having a foreign body reaction to the earring. My body thought it was something dangerous and tried to encapsulate the earring in skin.

I know that’s gross. But I worry I might have the same problems with a new piercing. But at the same time, my ear piercings were done in Claire’s. And my 2nd and 3rd holes (now closed) I pierced myself. Neither of those are the ideal piercing situation. So I feel like if I get my piercings done professionally, and take care of them properly, I shouldn’t have any problems.

The second thing is my parents. Back before I started my freshman year, they told me I wasn’t allowed to do any sort of body modification until I was out on my own and supporting myself.

But here’s the thing, even though I know they would disapprove if I asked them outright, there’s not much they can do after the fact. I mean, I’m 19 years old. Technically a legal adult. I don’t need their permission. I have my first job this year, so I can use my own money that I earned myself for this piercing. They wouldn’t be paying for it.

Not to mention, a piercing is temporary (I mean in regards to a tattoo). You can just take the jewelry out if you don’t want the piercing anymore. The scars won’t be that bad. Also, a belly button piercing is easy hide. And when I talk about hiding, I mean from future employers. It’s not going to drastically affect my employability at a later date.

I feel like those are enough good reasons to do this despite my parents disapproval. Am I wrong in this rationale??

I mean, I’m just tired of not doing things because I’m afraid of what people will think – this includes my parents. You know, for a while I worried getting a belly button piercing would label me as a “slut” (because, for some reason, it has that association). Then I realized I didn’t care. I know I’m not a slut. That’s all that matters.

This is something I find attractive, something I feel will be an expression of a part of me. I mean, there are a lot worse things someone could do to themselves than get a belly button piercing.

I also have the support of my friends.

I feel overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

By on to another topic. My car went to the shop today for its checkup. I get it back tomorrow. My mom is off the rest of the week in preparation for our trip to Columbus, so we’ll be doing some last minute shopping for college supplies tomorrow.

We’re also going shoe shopping tomorrow because I’ve realized I have no sandals. I bought a maxi dress recently, and other than flip flops, I really have no shoes to wear with it. And I really don’t want to wear flip flops. So we’re going sandal shopping tomorrow.

Hm. But that seems to be the only news I have for today. I’m definitely going to think more about this piercing. I want to make sure I’m 100% on board and comfortable with my decision before I do anything else.

I’m still flabbergasted by the fact that I’m going back to school in 4 days. I have to say I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends again. I’ve missed them.

This year is gonna be great!!

Blah Blah Blah

Hm. I’ve got writer’s block again. And unfortunately, I have nothing brilliant to comment on today.

I did however get a lot of college shopping done today. My dream dorm room is slowly becoming a reality. Not only did I get stocked up on some integral school supplies, I got the cube organizer with drawers, a rug, my comforter, and my relaxing chair (if you can remember those things from the drawing I posted a while ago).

Anyways, I’m really happy despite the fact that I haven’t heard from my future roommate yet. I’m trying to ignore that little detail. I will probably email her Monday just in case she’s ignoring my request or something because she doesn’t know who I am.

I’ve also decided that because my schedule for this upcoming semester has such giant and weird time gaps in it, I’m going to use those gaps to attend group fitness classes. I hope I’ll be able to motivate myself. It’s so easy to come up with excuses not to exercise, especially when you’re as anal as me about everything you do.

I don’t really feel like writing tonight. I’m only doing it because that’s my rule and I’m hoping writing every night will make me a better writer. Has it been working?? Can anyone tell??

I feel like because I’m blogging rather than practicing writing poetry or fiction, my writing won’t actually improve. I’m not sure what skills from blogging also cross over into those genres. On thing though, this little blogging adventure has kind of solidified my desire to pick up a creative writing minor.

I really love writing fiction and poetry and my creative writing minor could just be something fun, something for myself that doesn’t directly relate to my major. I’ll have to talk to my adviser about it (since I’m already minoring in Turkish) but it sounds like a good idea to me.

But anyways, I think I’ll turn in early tonight. No lengthy or insightful or self-deprecating posts tonight. Just me rambling. About stuff.


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